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Presentation Days

at Certax

Discover how you can benefit from our Smart, Tested and Proven Accounting Model.

Let us prove it

Over the years, we've assisted countless businesses in reaching their financial pinnacle. Dive into a ready-made business model. We provide comprehensive training, cutting-edge tools, and ongoing support to ensure you hit the ground running. With Certax, you're aligning with a brand recognized for quality, integrity, and innovation. Our reputation is your instant advantage in the marketplace.


Our tailored solutions ensure that you’re not just another number in the queue but a valued partner. With a vast network of experienced professionals under our franchise umbrella, our collective knowledge ensures that you get the best. We use the latest accounting tools and technologies, offering you seamless, efficient, and transparent services. Our aim is to provide insights that drive growth and profitability for your business.


The secret to our success is a recipe that everyone wants. If you are selected to attend one of our… Presentation Days, you will get to learn all about it. Here’s a spoiler; it’s not purely down to our unwavering support of our Franchisees or our dedication to Accounting excellence. Presentation Days are the perfect opportunity for you to see first-hand what it’s like to be part of a leading Accountancy and Taxation Franchise.

Tuition Study Packs and Support

Start-up support and helpline

Bespoke stationery + business inventory

Specialised, on-site Tax Training

License Fee for Certax Trademark

Bookkeeping includes:

Initial 1-month marketing campaign

Accounting & Taxation training

Success Accelerator Programme

Everything in Bookkeeping plus:

Advanced digital package

Premium laptop bundle

Accommodation near training site

Full Accountants
Everything in Qualified Accountants plus:

Training Academy

Sucess Accelerator


Certax, in collaboration with AVN, has developed a best-in-class training and development package, which will optimise your business’s processes and enhance its performance.


It provides game-changing tools, expertise, and insights that will enable your practice to be more competitive, competent, and sustainable.

Exclusive   4-months training  

A place at the next AVN materclass

In-depth training to help you create the practice you really want.

1 to 1 coaching from a

practice growth expert

Tailored support from an exerienced business coach.

Powerful Traning workshops

(3x) full day workshops, plus (10x) hour lunchtime sessions.

Suite of accountancy systems

Checklists, forms and scripts ensure your practice run more effectively.

Over 1200 powerful growth and business improvement exercises

Each of which provides material to run a 1-2 hour consultancy session.

Times Up and OnTrack

software tools

Helps you present proactive recommendations to clients.

Proven effective Business consulting methodologies

5 actionable steps to success.

In collaboration with

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