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Our Franchise

A professional Accounting and Tax Advisory Franchise with local offices throughout the UK.

Certax Franchise

The Certax Accounting Franchise strives to provide its partners with a positive return on their investment whilst creating and supporting peerless Accountancy and Tax Professionals. You will be provided with best-in-class resources, enabling you to advise and help businesses, therefore, ensuring their success and profitability.

Smart. Tested. Proven. The Certax Franchise has sound foundations, developed over 20 years and continually optimised to ensure accounting excellence. Founder Keith Bradshaw (ACA, FCCA), together with an exceptionally talented Head Office Team and world-class Board of Directors, has created a leading independent Accountancy and Taxation Franchise.


Quality and professionalism run through every aspect of the Certax Franchise. What sets us apart is our steadfast and unwavering commitment to providing unlimited technical support, ongoing training, best-in-class marketing, quality lead generation and market-leading technology to our Franchisees. All of this comes as standard within our industry-leading turnkey Franchise solution.


Our Franchises are modern and innovative. They have successfully built on their consultancy capabilities and advisory level services to reduce dependence on more mature accountancy functions. As a result, they have become thriving multi-disciplinary businesses. This is a testament to the progress Certax has made in leading the way to Accounting Franchise excellence.

Keith Bradshaw 
Ashfaq and Ishtiaq Ahmad 
Cengiz Yıldız 
Andrew Herring 

Meet our Board of Directors

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